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[] Overseas Representative Office of Yunnan Commerce in New York, US was unveiled【查看】 News (Journalist Han Chengyuan) The journalist learnt from Provincial Department of Commerce on May 17 that Overseas Representative Office of Yunnan Commerce in New York, US established with the support of YEIG officially and received the signboard on the 14th, which symbolized the launch and operation of the Representative Office. This act aimed to further enhance the opening of the Province, promote two-way development of trade and investment, and actively integrate into and ...


[Yunnan Economic Daily] Bank of China, Yunnan Branch, Helps YEIG Issue the First Poverty Alleviat...【查看】

  Recently, as the sole principal underwriter, Bank of China succeeded in issuing the first round of “poverty alleviation” short-term financing bond 2018 in interbank market as the agent of YEIG. This bond was the first poverty alleviation bond in Yunnan Province in an issuance amount of CNY1 billion for a term of 1 year at the issuance interest rate of 4.98%. (Wang Jun)   


[Yunnan Daily] China-Myanmar Energy Cooperation Opened a New Page【查看】

  YEIG actively responded to the Belt and Road Initiative, and took the initiative to serve the building of regional center for South Asia and Southeast Asia. On March 17, the completion ceremony of Yangon Thaketa combined cycle power plant Phase I 106MW power generation project invested and constructed by YEIG was held in Yangon, Myanmar, which indicated the new breakthrough of China-Myanmar energy cooperation.   New Highlight of Overseas Energy Project   Thaketa combined cycle power ...


[Yunnan Daily] YEIG Continuously Improved Provincial Power Distribution and Sales Platform【查看】

  News (Journalist Wu Qingquan) Recently, Yunnan Provincial Electricity Distribution Supply Co., Ltd., affiliated with YEIG, successfully achieved the integration and restructuring of Guangnan Power Supply, and comprehensively improved the power supply efficiency of Guangnan power grid through technology improvement. This was the new breakthrough made by YEIG in focusing on the main energy business, grasping electricity reform opportunity, improving provincial electricity distribution and ...


[Yunnan Daily] YEIG Issues USD Bond for Belt and Road Projects【查看】

  News (Journalist Luo Rongchan) Recently, YEIG successfully priced and issued the third round of overseas USD bond in international capital market, namely special advanced unsecured bond for the Belt and Road projects for “3 years + 5 years” in the total amount of USD 600,000,000. The coupon rates of 3 years and 5 years are respectively 3.75% and 4.25%.   The issuance was extremely popular among the international superior investors, such as the world largest bond assets management com...