Developmental Strategy

According to the provincial party committee and the provincial government "to build the national energy field has the advantage of competitiveness of the transnational group" development orientation, as well as for the country "area all the way" strategy, the province's economic and social development, Yunnan energy reform and development services "three services" And strive to "go out" vanguard of the overall requirements, consciously integrated and active service to the province's economic and social development. Effectively play the leading and leading role of the state-owned economy to enhance the province's ability to achieve the development of the core capabilities, and further lead the province's supply side of the structural reform and state-owned enterprises to deepen the reform and become a model of transformation and upgrading of Yunnan enterprises and energy industries to promote regional economic development The model. To achieve three billion target by 2020: the scale of assets over 100 billion yuan, operating income of over 100 billion yuan, the management of market capitalization exceeded 100 billion yuan, and strive to enter the world's top 500 enterprises.

Group 's "thirteenth Five" strategic positioning and objectives


Grow Into A Multinaltional Group With Preponderant
      Competitiveness In The National Energy Field


Serve “The Belt and Road Initiative”

Serve The Provincial Social and Economic Development

Serve The Provincial Energy Reform and Development


Business revenue of more than 100 billion

Market value of more than 100 billion

Assets scale of more than 100 billion

Standard and Path for Achieving the Goal